[1-day-delivery] Troubleshoot Full-Text Indexing

Title: [1-day-delivery] Troubleshoot Full-Text Indexing
Category: 1-day-delivery
Tag(s): SQL Server, Troubleshoot, Full-Text Indexing
Description: You want to troubleshoot and fix Full-Text Indexing.

Common Issue(s)

  • The full-text index exceeds the limit for the number of rows that can be contained in a full-text catalog.
  • A clustered index or full-text key index on the table being indexed gets altered, dropped, or rebuilt.
  • A hardware failure or disk corruption results in the corruption of the full-text catalog.
  • A file group that contains the table being full-text indexed goes offline, or is made read-only.


  • Fixed-time: 1 working day(s)
  • Fixed-scope: 1 server
  • Fixed-price: $100

Work Breakdown

  • Examine the full-text population(crawl) log.
  • Analyze and fix the underlying issue.

Out of Scope

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


  • Quick fix only
  • The full-text index population should be complete without issues.


  • Database server access
  • Screen sharing, if applicable