[5-day-delivery] SQL Server Deadlock Troubleshooting

Title: [5-day-delivery] SQL Server Deadlock Troubleshooting
Category: 5-day-delivery
Tag(s): SQL Server, Troubleshoot, Deadlock
Description: You want to troubleshoot and fix deadlocks in SQL Server.


  • Fixed-time: 5 working day(s)
  • Fixed-scope: 1-5 deadlock graphs/scenarios
  • Fixed-price: $500

Work Breakdown

  • Generate deadlock graphs
  • Deadlock graph analysis and documentation
  • Optimization
    • Query rewrite
    • Indexes
    • Schema changes
    • Configuration changes
  • Monitoring
  • Clarification call

Out of Scope

  • Some solutions might require planning for a maintenance window and thus are out-of-scope for this task.


  • Written document(s) for deadlock graphs breakdown
  • Recommendations
    • Query optimization
    • Indexes
    • Schema changes
    • Configuration changes
  • 1st round of unit testing, if applicable
  • Clarification call (up to 1 hour)


  • Database server access