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Direct Deposit

  • A direct deposit, in banking, is a deposit of money by a payer directly into a payee's bank account.
  • Suitable for Domestic(India) and International payments.
  • Most preferred.
  • Request details.


  • Easy. Fast. Typo-proof. It's the simplest way to request money from clients.
  • Suitable for International payments.
  • Payment with PayPal.Me.

PayPal Invoice

  • PayPal sends an online invoice that clients can pay instantly, even if they don't have an account with PayPal.
  • Suitable for International payments.
  • Request a PayPal Invoice.


  • Payoneer makes it easy to send a payment request and for the clients to pay safely and securely using their bank account, direct debit or card.
  • Suitable for International payments.
  • Request a Payoneer Invoice.


  • You can send money using this BHIM QR or using UPI ID 7875756683@upi. Use BHIM or any other UPI App to make transactions.
  • Suitable for Domestic(India) payments.


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