๐Ÿ’ต $500๐Ÿงฐ Troubleshooting [5-day-delivery]

[5-day-delivery] Troubleshoot ETL on SQL Server


  • Title: [5-day-delivery] Troubleshoot ETL on SQL Server
  • Category: 5-day-delivery
  • Tag(s): SQL Server, Troubleshoot, Performance, SSIS, ETL
  • Description: You want to troubleshoot and fix slow query performance in SSIS or ETL jobs.

Common Issue(s)

  • ETL job was faster before and slower now
  • Can't complete complex query


  • Fixed-time: 5 working day(s)
  • Fixed-scope: 1 ETL job (1-10 SQL queries)
  • Fixed-price: $500

Work Breakdown

  • Troubleshoot complex query
  • Troubleshoot insert statement performance
  • Troubleshoot delete statement performance
  • Find the root cause
  • Provide solution

Out of Scope

  • The scope of this task is limited to troubleshooting only.
  • Some solutions might require planning for a maintenance window and thus are out-of-scope for this task.
  • If the bottleneck isn't on the SQL server, it's out-of-scope.


  • Recommendations
    • Query Level
    • Database Level
    • Server Level
  • Clarification call (up to 1 hour)


  • Database server access
  • Screen sharing, if applicable
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