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  • If Devendra has invited you to have a Direct Contracts contract on Upwork, you get the security and convenience of paying through Upwork.
  • With Direct Contracts, youโ€™ll benefit from the following:
    • Escrow service to protect your funds until youโ€™ve had the chance to review the work and approve it. This also gives Devendra peace of mind that the project funds are available, and he can be certain of your payment upon the successful completion of the job.
    • Power to dispute the payment or cancel the contract if done within the window of time before you approve the release of funds (4 days for hourly contracts, 14 days for fixed price contracts). If you cancel, the funds are returned to your original payment method within 7 business days.
    • Project management tools, such as invoices, emailed directly to you.
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  • 0% commission on all projects with the client (provided they do not already have an account)
  • Every client gets ยฃ30 credit
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