Circle of Trust, Data Security, and Devendra Shirbad

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To become the last line of defense for critical data assets

To keep critical data assets secure and available all the time

☑️ Integrity over everything else
☑️ Simplicity over complexity
☑️ Clarity over confusion
☑️ Security over convenience
☑️ Honesty without being rude

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Devendra Shirbad - Your Data Security Partner

I am a battle-tested Data Security professional…
☑️ Traced my first virus, ‘FunLove’ in 2004 with MS Notepad. I was an undergraduate. I’ve been active in Data Security ever since.
☑️ Working as an Independent Consultant since 2014
☑️ Successfully managed 40 clients
☑️ Top Employers: Microsoft, Accenture, SLK Software, Trilogy

As a Data Security professional, I upgrade myself continuously…
☑️ Certified DBA: SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Vertica
☑️ Certified Manager: ITIL, Prince2 Practitioner
☑️ Education: MBA-IT (2007), AEP-CS (2024)

As a Data Security professional, I do only three things…
☑️ Keep your data confidential
☑️ Maintain its integrity
☑️ Keep it available, even if a disaster strikes

I can illustrate that your data might already be at risk. And it could be exploited by many attack vectors. The good news is that it can be protected with encryption, multi-layer security strategies, and periodic audits.

Hello, I am Devendra, your Data Security partner.

Let’s team up and tackle your Data Security challenges.

Testimonials ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have worked with several “Database Experts” over the years and I can say now that I have multiple experiences, Dev is clearly a very experienced DBA. He provided an in-depth review of my entire DB stack and gave several recommendations on optimizations. At the end of the project we had a very detailed technical review session, deep diving into the different aspects of importance that needs to be looked at and improved. In the end we have a list of actionable items for us to work on ranging from DB Engine configuration changes, to SQL and application changes. He speaks clear English and is concise and to the point. We are about to take up a second project together.

Devendra has great knowledge in SQL DBA activities and is very co-operative. He not only completed our project well in time but gone out of the way and helped us when our production server was down 3 days back. Keep up the good work Dev !!!

Very satisfied with Devender’s work, he pulled us through some very tough situations. I will hire him again should there be a need. and Highly recommend him.

Devendra is an exceptional MSSQL DBA whose expertise and professionalism are truly unmatched. As a master of his craft, he possesses a profound understanding of database administration, consistently delivering outstanding results. For anyone in search of a top-notch MSSQL DBA, look no further than Devendra – a genuine wizard in the field.

Devendra did a fantastic job. He is very skilled and we would highly recommend him especially if you are experiencing challenging SQL server problems!

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