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To become the last line of defense for critical data assets

To keep critical data assets secure and available all the time

Your Data Security Partner

As a seasoned cybersecurity professional, I bring a comprehensive skill set encompassing Network, Endpoint, Application, Cloud, and Data Security. My expertise extends to areas such as Data Encryption, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27000 series.

Since 2013, I’ve been excelling as a freelance cybersecurity consultant, delivering impactful results. Notable achievements include ensuring GDPR compliance for over 5000 databases on AWS at Aurea and effectively managing multi-cloud environments for Pythian. My consultancy work has allowed me to collaborate globally, providing on-demand cybersecurity services endorsed by C-suite executives.

Prior to consulting, my role as a Senior Support Engineer at Microsoft sharpened my problem-solving abilities and earned me recognition for customer satisfaction. During my tenure, I significantly reduced turnaround time and contributed to critical incident resolution.

My academic background includes an Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity from IIIT-Bangalore and an MBA in Information Technology from RTMNU. Currently, I offer Virtual CISO services and cybersecurity consulting, specializing in strategy, advisory, and GRC services. You can find more about my professional journey and connect with me on LinkedIn, GitHub, and YouTube.

Start With A 60-Minute Consultation

Dive into the world of cybersecurity tailored just for you with our 60-minute consultation. The protection of your digital assets is paramount, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Access our Virtual CISO service, offering on-demand cybersecurity expertise endorsed by C-suite executives. Benefit from personalized guidance designed to fortify your digital defenses against cyber threats.

Our cybersecurity consulting services provide strategic insights and advisory support, empowering you to navigate regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or the ISO 27000 series with ease.

Take charge of governance, risk, and compliance with our specialized expertise. We’ll help you understand and meet regulatory standards while optimizing your security posture.

Don’t wait for threats to jeopardize your business. Start building a robust cybersecurity framework today. Schedule your 60-minute consultation and gain peace of mind knowing your digital assets are secure.

Endorsed By C-Suite Executives

Matthew T. | Chief Technology Officer | JustLogin Pte Ltd.
I have worked with several “Database Experts” over the years and I can say now that I have multiple experiences, Dev is clearly a very experienced DBA. He provided an in-depth review of my entire DB stack and gave several recommendations on optimizations. At the end of the project we had a very detailed technical review session, deep diving into the different aspects of importance that needs to be looked at and improved. In the end we have a list of actionable items for us to work on ranging from DB Engine configuration changes, to SQL and application changes. He speaks clear English and is concise and to the point. We are about to take up a second project together.


Surendra M. | Chief Technology Officer | HRMantra Software Pvt. Ltd.
Devendra has great knowledge in SQL DBA activities and is very co-operative. He not only completed our project well in time but gone out of the way and helped us when our production server was down 3 days back. Keep up the good work Dev !!!


Ivan R. | Chief Executive Officer | Servikus LLC
Devendra is an exceptional MSSQL DBA whose expertise and professionalism are truly unmatched. As a master of his craft, he possesses a profound understanding of database administration, consistently delivering outstanding results. For anyone in search of a top-notch MSSQL DBA, look no further than Devendra – a genuine wizard in the field.


Abdul B. | VP Customer Services | Computer Frontiers, Inc.
Very satisfied with Devender’s work, he pulled us through some very tough situations. I will hire him again should there be a need. and Highly recommend him.


Rolf G. | Co-Founder & Director | FocalAgent Ltd.
Devendra did a fantastic job. He is very skilled and we would highly recommend him especially if you are experiencing challenging SQL server problems!

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